Baldwin I

King of Jerusalem (1100-1118)

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The coronation of Baldwin I on Christmas Day 1100
[from: William of Tyre: Histoire d'Outremer, French, 13th century, Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, MS Fr. 9081, f.99v]

Count of Boulogne, and youngest brother of Godfrey of Bouillon, he joined the First Crusade in 1096. Founded the County of Edessa - the first crusader state - in 1098. On the death of Godfrey (1100) he was elected king of Jerusalem. He repelled Egyptian attacks, enforced the authority of state over church and extended the boundaries of the kingdom.

[from: Hallam, Elizabeth (edt.): Chronicles of the crusades. London 1989]

Seal of Baldwin, Crusader King of Jerusalem

Baldwin, King of Jerusalem
Latin kings of Jerusalem. Baldwin I, 1058?-1118 (r.1100-18), was a brother of GODFREY OF BOUILLON, whom he accompanied in the First CRUSADE. He gained the chief ports of Palestine and aided other Latin rulers against the Muslims. His cousin and successor, Baldwin II, d. 1131 (r.1118-31), was also in the First Crusade. As king he warred with the Turks in N Syria. During his reign TYRE and Antioch became Jerusalem's dependents. Baldwin III, 1130-62 (r.1143-62), the son of Fulk of Anjou, ruled as Latin power in the East began to decay. Edessa fell (1144) to the Muslims, the Second Crusade failed, and the Turkish sultan Nur ad-Din took (1154) N Syria. His nephew Baldwin IV (the Leper), c.1161-85 (r.1174-85), defended his kingdom constantly against SALADIN. When his leprosy became worse, he had his child-nephew crowned (1183) Baldwin V (d. 1186).


Baldwin I, Latin king of Jerusalem

(Baldwin of Boulogne), 1058?–1118, Latin king of Jerusalem (1100–1118), brother and successor of Godfrey of Bouillon, whom he accompanied on the First Crusade (see Crusades). Separating from the main army after the successful siege of Nicaea, Baldwin followed Tancred into Cilicia and seized (1097) Tarsus from him. He wrested (1097) Edessa from the Muslims and as count of Edessa defended the city until elected ruler of Jerusalem. His election marked the triumph of the military faction of the Crusaders over the ecclesiastical faction. Taking the title of king, he consolidated the Latin states of the East. With the help of crusading fleets from the West and, more important, the Genoese and the Venetians, to whom he made large concessions, he gained possession of the chief ports of Palestine. He helped the Latin rulers of Antioch, Edessa, and Tripoli against the Muslims and fought against the Egyptians. He died on his return from an expedition into Egypt. His cousin, Baldwin II, succeeded him.

[from: The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Copyright © 2000 Columbia University Press.]

Baldwin I, Latin king of Jerusalem. The Columbia Encyclopedia, ...

Baldwin I, Latin king of Jerusalem

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