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Hopital de la Sainte Famille


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The hospital was opened by the Sisters of Charity (Rue du Bac) in 1882 and run until 1985 when they approached Count Pierredon of the Order of Malta to take over or close the hospital. The Order of Malta took over management, administration and finance, but changed it into a maternity hospital. The first baby was born on 26 February 1990. Mr. Mohan told the web servant of this page  in 1994, that it had taken the Order of Malta five years to complete the 28-bed-hospital. It was opened on 26 February 1990 and since then more than 6000 babies were born there. The mothers pay a fee of 550.00 Shekel per delivery and stay for three days after the birth. The cost per delivery amounts to 1,500.00 Shekel. The patients come mainly from Bethlehem, Bejara and the Hebron area. Apart from inpatient care the hospital holds six clinics per week and the patients pay 20-25 Shekel per visit. The operating cost (in 1994) was 1.2 Million, the shortfall 600,000.00, which is half paid by the French Association of the Order of Malta and half by various other national Associations of the Order. As a comparison: Medical Aid pays 3,000.00 Shekel for a delivery in an Israeli Hospital.

The hospital is planned to be expanded by 5 single-bed-rooms and an Intensive Care Unit and a second Operating Theatre.

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The laboratory

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Blessed Gérard
This page is part of the publication Blessed Gérard and his "Everlasting Brotherhood": The Order of St. John

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American Committee for The Holy Family Hospital Bethlehem


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