2. The spirituality of the Order of St. John - its practice and philosophy

a. The Perception of God

Joining the Order meant dedication in the sense of offering or sacrificing themselves to God. In the name of Almighty God the Rule is ordained and he requires of the Brethren at the Last Judgment that they had kept what they had had to promise, i.e. to live according to the Evangelical Counsels. But God helps them to succeed, he dwells in his Saints (cf. Rom 8.27, where "saints" means the faithful) and keeps guard over them. Their service, thus also the work of the chapter General, is done for the honour of God. Therefore and for the honour of the Cross itself, they wear the cross on their vestments, that God may protect and defend them through this banner on account of their faith. The second and the third divine person are quite seldom expressively named in the documents which this publication is dealing with - except in the formulas "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" and "Anno Domini". But even when at the above places the Rule refers just to the Lord God, the theological content of those predications proofs that God is meant either as Trinity (chapter 15) or particularly Jesus Christ (chapter 1, verse 2 and chapter 4, verse 7) or the Holy Spirit (chapter 1, verse 1 and chapter 4, verse 7). Jesus Christ as such is being expressively referred to only in to cases, i.e. in the Rule, chapter 14, verse 8, which says "let the brother priests, who shall sing the Masses (for a deceased brother), pray for his soul to Our Lord Jesus Christ", or in the Latin version of the "Privilege of the Sick to have white Bread", where the brother who contravenes the prescriptions is being considered as equivalent to the traitor of Jesus Christ.

Blessed Gérard
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