c. The Sacraments

The perception of the Sacraments - as far as it can be deducted from the Rule and the Statutes which this work is based on - provide essential information about the Order's spiritual foundation (basis).

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) is the very instrument of repentance in order to totally focus on the imitation of Christ again, when one strayed away from the right path. Most severe punishments, which ought to make the sinner repent, are imposed, when sins became publicly known. The fact that the sick were supposed to go to confession first and receive Holy Communion before they were brought to bed, when they were admitted at the hospital is typical for the Order of St. John's understanding of their service.

The Communion of the Sick also played an important role. It was given repeatedly also after admission to the hospital.

The "Hospital Regulations" indirectly reveal the deep respect towards the Sacrament of Marriage, because the hospital gave support to poor bridal couples towards their wedding reception.

Blessed Gérard
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