Godfrey of Bouillon

Ruler of Jerusalem 1099 - 1100

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Godfrey of Bouillon leading his men.
[from: William of Tyre: Histoire d'Outremer, French, 13th century. Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, MS Fr. 9081, f.20v]

Duke of Lower Lorraine since 1076, and a leader of the First Crusade. Commanded the troops which entered Jerusalem in 1099; offered the crown but chose to be 'advocate of the Holy Sepulchre'. Ruled for only one year.

[from: Hallam, Elizabeth (edt.): Chronicles of the crusades. London 1989]

Miniature from the book "Chronicle of Geoffroy de Bouillon" (Cod.Reg.Lat.737

The French contingent of the crusaders elected Godfrey as their leader in 1096

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