The Teutonic Order of Holy Mary in Jerusalem

The TEUTONIC ORDER OF HOLY MARY IN JERUSALEM (Teutonic Knights), whose aim were to fight the enemies of the church and the charitable duties towards the poor, also adopted in its constitution in AD 1198 the Rule of the Order of St. John, as far as the care for the poor and sick was concerned.

It was already in AD 1143 that

Pope Celestine II.
subdued the Teutonic Hospital under the obedience and disposition of the Order of St. John.

Pope Innocent III.
stated in his bull "Sacrosancta Romana ecclesia" from February 19, 1199 his contentment, that the Teutonic Order really followed the Rule of the Order of St. John in his care for the Poor and sick.

Pope Celestine III presents the Teutonic Order with the Black Cross.

Privililegienurkunde von Papst Honorius III vom 9.01.1221
Papal Privilege Document by Pope Honorius III from 9.1.1221

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Blessed Gérard
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