Blessed Gérard
Blessed Gérard
and his
"everlasting brotherhood":
The Order of St. John
of Jerusalem

PART I: Historical Remarks

  1. Circumstances
  2. Historical developments until the foundation of the Order of St. John
  3. The Foundation of the Order of St. John through Blessed Gérard
    1. The grave and relics of Blessed Gérard
  4. The second director of the Hospital Community: Raymond du Puy
  5. The further development in Jerusalem under the Gandmasters
    1. Auger de Balben
    2. Arnaud de Comps
    3. Gilbert de Assaily
    4. Gaston de Murols
    5. Jobert
    6. Roger de Moulins
  6. The revival of the hospitality of the Order of St. John in the Holy Land today through


A. The Spirituality of the Order of St. John

  1. Sources: The Order's Rule and its Statutes
  2. The Spirituality of the Order of St. John - its practise and philosophy

B. Sources of the Spiritual Heritage

C. The Innovation in the Spiritual Heritage

  1. The vow of chastity
  2. The "Poor of Christ"
  3. The Hospitality
  4. The Genesis of the Rule of the Order of St. John

D. The Influence of the Order

Conclusion and Vision

Part III: The Text of the Rule and first Statutes

A. The Rule of Blessed Raymond du Puy

B. Statutes of Fr. Jobert

C. The Hospital Regulations of Roger de Moulins



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